3 New Superfoods for Weight Loss

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I'm Dr. Mike Roizen with a simple smart tip. If you're trying to lose weight, try a new fruit. Fill up your fruit bowl and get creative. These are three fruits that are a great place to start. Guava, it's rich in disease fighting polyphenols and can fill you up faster than blueberries or raspberries.

Just one 37 calorie guava has three grams of fiber. Lychee is also packed with polyphenals and this tiny fruit has only six calories. You can add it to savouries for extra flavor and dimension. Papaya has loads of Vitamin C which is great for your skin. Vitamin C helps your body produce Collagen which makes your skin resilient, these helps keep your skin smoother and a medium sized papaya it's only 119 calories for more ways to look as young as your real age, watch and share all of our smart tips right here.