Eat Apples to Boost Immunity

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Hi, Dr. Kevin Soden here. There's some truth to what they say. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. If you want to boost your immunity, sink your teeth into an apple. What makes this fruit so good for you? Well, studies show that pectin, the special soluble fiber found in apples, can help boost your body's immune support of proteins.

You can also find this fiber in pears and citrus fruits, among others. In one study, this increase levels of infection-fighting compound. This means, that if you do get sick, munching on pectin could help to keep severe symptoms at bay and keep your sick days to a minimum. There is a catch though. It takes about six weeks of daily soluble fiber to reap the benefits.

The study recommends 25 to 38 grams total fiber per day to support your immune system. So if you're debating whether to eat another piece of fruit, go ahead, have at it. For more immune boosting foods and nutrition advice, check out the rest of our smart tips, right here.