Best Snack for Dieters: Nuts or Pretzels?

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Hi, I'm Barbara Ficarra, and I've got a smart tip for your next snack. If you are on a diet, which is the better choice, pretzels or pistachio? The pretzels low fat status may tempt you, but the pistachio is the smarter snack if you're trying to slim down. Researchers took two groups of people and had them follow a similar local diet.

The first group snacked on pistachios everyday about 240 calories worth, the second group munched on pretzel about 220 calories worth. At the end of 12 weeks both groups lost weight, but the pistachio eaters lost more and showed more improvement in their body mass and depth, plus their triglycerides and bad cholesterol levels dropped more, which was good news for their hearts.

But what makes a pistachio a better choice? Appetite control. Pistachios are filled with fiber, protein, and unsaturated fats, all which help control your appetite. They're loaded with heart healthy anti-oxidants too, but pretzels are made from refined grain and offer little in the way of nutrition. Sorry Mr. Salty, you're no match for the mighty pistachio.

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