4 Steps to a Successful Diet

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If you're starting a diet to lose a few pounds, here are four steps to help it work even better. First, have a diet game plan. Figure out which foods you're going to eat and not eat. Don't forget to think about drinks too, then plan your meals for the week and make a shopping list.

That will help you stay focused at the super market and out of the chip pile. Put exercise on your calender. It will help you stay motivated because it feels wonderful to check your work out off your to do list. You can even set up reminders in your smart phones. Finally make sure you get enough sleep.

A research study found that dieters to sleep eight hours a night lose twice as much fat and keep twice as much muscle as those who snooze less than six hours. Getting enough sleep helps prevent food cravings. When your're tired, the hunger hormone ghrelin kicks into high gear which makes it harder to stick to your diet.