Lower Your Blood Sugar With Yogurt

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Hi, I'm doctor Miller with a quick nutrition tip. Eating low fat yoghurt is a smart move for your waistline, but a new study suggests, occasionally, indulging in home milk yogurt has some benefits too. In a 20-year study, people with the highest blood levels of trans-palmitoleic acid, a type of fatty acid found in full fat dairy products, were 60% less likely to develop type-2 diabetes.

People with higher blood levels of trans-palmitoleic acid generally had better insulin sensitivity and lower levels levels of c-reactive protein. That's an inflammatory marker linked to metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Before you make a b-line to the nearest supermarket dairy cafe, I'm not recommending that you load up on full fat dairy product.

But this new research on trans-palmitoleic acid is interesting enough to take some of the guilt out of a once in a while indulgence like home milk yogurt. To learnt about more smart ways to stay well, check out all our health tips, right here.