How to Navigate the Cocktail Menu

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. Having diabetes doesn't mean you can't ever have another cocktail, but too much alcohol can do a number on your blood sugar, and what's the point of making careful meal choices only to undo all your good work with one drink? You can enjoy alcohol in moderation as long as your blood sugar is under control.

That's no more than one drink per day for the ladies or two for the gents. Drinks which often contain sugary mixers can be especially tricky for people with diabetes. You can spot them on a drink menu. Those are usually the cute umbrella drinks with clever names. Skip tonic water, it contains sugar and ask for club soda in your mixed drinks, or keep it simple and stick to wine and beer.

And when you do imbibe, always pair booze with fiber rich foods. The fiber helps slow digestion to minimize the blood sugar effects of alcohol. I'm Dr. Miller. For more tips to manage your diabetes, check out all our smart tips.