For the Good of the Family

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[MUSIC] I was 15 initially when I was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic, 18 when I was finally diagnosed as officially diabetic. I didn't want to admit that I was sick and that it was something that was going to be with me forever. [INAUDIBLE] right there. First doctor's appointment I went in and, you do the check up and everything and first thing they ask you is, are you diabetic? Does it run in your family? Then they do that diabetes test anyways, and so I was like, I already know I am and right there she was like well, if you don't start taking care of yourself, start monitoring your sugar, and your food and everything, there can be very big consequences for your pregnancy.

It was hard. That was like telling me that I was going to hurt something that had nothing to do with my being sick. My biggest concern is her, knowing now that it runs in my family and it also runs in my husband's family. It's something that I worry about daily. I don't want her to have to deal with a lot of the things that I have to deal with.

Worrying about my diet and about my medication on a daily basis, it can be stressful and it can be hard. I try to instill in her the things that I've learned so far as far as eating right and exercising. She goes for soccer, we want to put her in karate. I try not to give her the sugary food.

Whatever I'm eating, I try to make her eat, because if I'm eating healthy then I know she's going to mimic what I'm doing. I have more energy to go play with her. Right know I'm working in eight hour shifts and I come home and I'm still have enough energy to take her outside, take her to her soccer practices.

Having a supportive family is definitely a key but and not keeping those things to your self. Definitely sharing that information so that we can see those things, we can see when the warning signs start to pop up. Because I felt sick and I felt tired for a long time but I didn't do anything about it because I didn't think that it could happen to me.

Taking care of myself and being there for her is what keeps me going everyday. I wouldn't want diabetes to be the reason why I'm not there with her tomorrow. [MUSIC].