What is An Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

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I get asked all the time, what's an Anti-inflammatory diet since everybody today needs to follow an Anti-inflammatory diet. And the reality is we actually want to eat foods that helps you promote a healthy inflammatory response in the body and we also want to get rid of the foods that don't do that, that may actually promote inappropriate inflammation.

So how do we do that? It sounds kind of confusing, guess what, it's not! First and foremost turn to your planet, all of those different colors that are found in nature they're and do wonderful things to reduce inflammation in the body, in their whole food form, not when they're highly refined and have a bunch of added sugar to them, So speaking of added sugar things like whether it was artificial sweeteners or whether it's too much even of nature's sweeteners we want to make sure we're not having too many of those and then when it comes to your animal protein this is a place to be really careful an animal is getting hormones or antibiotics all these other things, that animal meat maybe more inflammatory than if the animal was fed what it was meant to eat and didn't have those.

So I look for things like organic meat, or grass fed meat and when those things are unavailable that's when I turn to plant and that's when I say have the lentils, have the chickpeas, eat the hameth[sp?] have the peanut butter instead of maybe turning to the bacon or the other animal proteins in that space.

And  then one of my favorite anti-inflammatory tips is actually, make sure you have a great spice throat, all of those spices do wonderful anti-inflammatory things in the body where if a lot sauces that we put on things actually promote unhealthy inflammation.