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Giving Proactive Patients a Head Start by Connecting Them With Evidence-Based Health Information & Qualified Physicians

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Navigating Health Information Chaos

With the explosion in availability of online health information, proactive patients and caregivers face three primary challenges in communicating with their doctors and getting the care they need.

  1. The amount of online health information makes productive searching and sorting difficult.
  2. Online health information is often clinically inaccurate or irrelevant to the unique patient.
  3. Due to the many challenges physicians face, office time is limited and patients can't always remember or organize the details they need to share.

How Does AskMD Help Patients?

The AskMD mobile and web application offers a personalized, evidence-based platform that uses pattern recognition software to delve into patient complaints, prompting them with questions about their medical history and symptoms. While traditional symptom checkers deliver generic, unreferenced information based on a few standard questions, AskMD goes deeper. The result is accurate, relevant health information delivered to the patient in an organized format and a thorough history of their symptoms prepared before the office visit. Patients can print this information or share it electronically with family, friends or their physician.

AskMD’s clinical knowledge platform for patients is extracted from the core literature on which physicians consistently base their practice decisions.

59% of U.S. adults search for online health information,

and over 77% of them use non-evidence based search engines,
chat boards and forums to find it.

Source: Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project

Benefits for Patients

  • Real-time source for valid, personalized health information (not generic symptom checker results)
  • Create and save AskMD consultations and other medical history for self and family members
  • Create and save lists of medications, medical conditions, insurance information and preferred physicians for self and family members
  • Answer and save health history questions while symptoms are happening, before key factors are forgotten
  • Spend more time on concerns and education in the office, less time on history-gathering
  • Print and share information electronically

Experience AskMD

If you would like to see what your patients will experience, simply visit the web app or download AskMD available on the App StoreSM

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