Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Tests and Exams

Ask your doctor these questions about common tests.

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Medically reviewed in June 2021

To start you on new treatment or find out if your treatment is working, your doctor will need to check how severe your condition is. It's important to know which tests you need and what the results mean, so that you can make smarter treatment decisions. If you're not sure what your tests mean, ask your doctor or nurse to explain them.

If you have skin symptoms, you may want to ask:

  • What did my physical exam and medical history tell you about my skin condition?
  • Will I need a skin biopsy, and what will it tell us?
  • Will I need any other tests, and what will they tell us?

If you also have joint symptoms, you may want ask:

  • Will I need any blood tests, and what will they tell us?
  • Will I need x-rays or other imaging tests, and what will they tell us?
  • Which tests will I need to repeat? When and how often?

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