My Confessional: Dr. Dee, Atopic Dermatitis

Medically reviewed in January 2022

Dr. Dee, an atopic dermatitis patient, juggles motherhood, career, and extreme eczema.

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[SQUEALING] DR. DEE: I do have twins, and let me say that motherhood is tough no matter what you have.
Certainly, having twins on top of having a chronic skin condition like eczema, it can get rough.
I'm Dr. Dee and this is my confessional. [MUSIC PLAYING] I am Dr. [INAUDIBLE].
Also, I go by Dr. Dee, and I am a duly board-certified physician.
I'm a mother, a wife. I was actually diagnosed with eczema or atopic dermatitis
as a baby. The lowest point actually came not long ago. So I was at the pool.
I wasn't actually submerged, but I had my legs in the pool. And some days later, I noticed that I started getting these weird-looking bumps almost
like pimples on my legs. Come to find out I had developed a skin infection and I was treated with antibiotics.
I had pills for two weeks and it seemed like things were better until they weren't.
And I ended up having to go to the ER to get IV antibiotics. And honestly, my skin just now is probably 95% better.
Practicing medicine and eczema does not always go well together. They don't play well all the time.
Within the medical field, we're constantly washing our hands. So when you're in a flare, that can be your worst nightmare.
And stress is a trigger for me, and somehow, it comes out in my skin. Exercise does help with the eczema, so running,
doing weightlifting exercises-- I actually have a boxing trainer-- that's a huge stress reliever, and it does help with my eczema.
So all four of my kids have eczema. One of my twins has it the most severe.
My older kids, for the most part, I, you know, educate them on what eczema is and the ways to reduce itching and making sure
that, you know, they're drinking a lot of water, which sometimes can be difficult with kids in general. The advice I would give to others
is to not get frustrated by the process.
Trial and error is really a part of this. Always talk to your doctor, not that I'm biased because I'm a physician, but your doctor
can't direct you or help you if you don't tell them what's going on. So be open to what's out there, research, and seek help.

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