My Story: Brynn and OAB

People who are affected by overactive bladder (OAB) struggle with frequent and sometimes uncontrollable urges to urinate. In this video, Brynn shares her OAB story and expresses her hopes for the future now that she has decided to seek treatment.

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These frequent urges are so frustrating. I want to take back control of my life. [MUSIC PLAYS]
I think that I've always had a problem with frequent urination, since I can remember. But I noticed that it got worse after I had
my son about eight years ago. I think it is common. I know a lot of moms joke about that, that, you know,
that it gets worse after they have their child. They have to go more often. It's frustrating. You know, I have to stop what I'm doing if I'm at work
and have to get up and go use the restroom. Or if I'm out with friends, I have to leave the conversation, or whatever we're doing,
and go take a break. I like to do Zumba. Have to make sure that I use the restroom right before the class starts and not jump around too much.
When we were potty training my son, I would kind of use the excuse of he should probably go to the restroom now, and I would always take him
because then I could go, too. On a day-to-day basis, I just kind of deal with it. I've gotten used to it over the years,
and I haven't done anything differently to try to change it. I have not kept a bladder diary. I'm sure it would be quite long.
But I do know I go at least, probably, 10 times a day, if not more. Maybe, you know, I do have something going on here
I need to get checked out. I want to go see a doctor soon. I'm not afraid of the diagnosis because I think that it
will be overactive bladder. I'm not sure what the treatment would be. Maybe some sort of medication to take
to lessen my symptoms, or lifestyle changes. I hope that I could kind of get my life back and not
have to worry about having to leave social situations because I have to go to the bathroom, and be able to sleep through the night,
and jump on a trampoline with my son and have fun, and not have to always worry about using the bathroom.

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