My Story: William and High Cholesterol

William was diagnosed with high cholesterol more than a decade ago. In this video, he share's his family's history with heart disease, his approach to managing cholesterol, and his goals for staying healthy as he gets older.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] I have no chest pain, no significant signs. And that's what's a little tricky about high cholesterol. It can be kind of silent until it's too late.
I was diagnosed with elevated cholesterol maybe about 10-- maybe even 12 years ago.
Certain people produce extra cholesterol. And I come from a family where that was the case.
My dad had three-- what they call-- silent heart attacks. And his fourth one was fatal. My mom had two heart attacks in a 24-hour period of time.
So it did set off a little bit of a red flag. I wasn't all that concerned in the beginning because I was young, you know, late 40s, early 50s.
I was running 10 to 12 5ks cases a year. But now that I'm in my 60s, I'm very concerned about it.
I'm fortunate that I got into a groove early on, and I've stayed in that groove. Because I know the results are-- you know,
I'm getting good pay off. I've cut back on a lot of carbohydrates. I'm making sure I hydrate a lot, making
sure I take my meds on a regular basis at the right time every day. And you've got to go to regular appointments.
And if something's not working, talk with your doctor and say, hey, is there's something else I can do? Because I just can't do this part of the equation.
Hopefully, with time and persistence, I can get into a lower risk category. That would be good.

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