Why does it hurt to turn my head in yoga poses?

Pain in the head while turning your head may be a sign of more serious underlying issues. Many head pains caused during rotation indicate possible issues in the cervical spine. You should be evaluated by a physician prior to resuming physical activity.
Sadie Lincoln
Sadie Lincoln on behalf of barre3
It depends on what posture you are in. But one thing that I remind clients is that turning the head is a twist in the cervical (neck) spine and should be done mindfully. Many people try to twist through a forceful action, which tugs on the spine and creates tension. I talk in class about how twisting should be a gentle release of muscular tension and lengthening of the muscles on one side, rather than a forceful contraction of muscles on the other side. I encourage my students to focus on length and relaxation of the spine when turning the head. I never encourage twisting to a point of discomfort in the neck. Range of motion in the neck is generally increased with release of tension.

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