Are relaxation techniques derived from yoga beneficial?

Absolutely! Yoga is an art form. It is a journey that you embark on to learn more about yourself from the inside out. Yoga teaches you to bring your physical, mental and spiritual beings into harmony. One way this is done is through controlling your breathing during a series of static postures and vinyasa flows. Practicing yoga increases your awareness of your body and space. This awareness helps you to identify tension and negative energy within the body that is attributing to stress, anxiety and sickness. The more you practice yoga the easier it will become to tune into your breathing and heart beat, allowing mind to relax. You can definitely take these relaxation techniques off the mat and into the workplace or home. Spending just a couple of minutes each day utilizing the relaxation techniques you learn in yoga will help decrease your stress levels. I encourage people of all ages and fitness levels to begin learning and practicing yoga! 

Yes, relaxation techniques derived from yoga will produce plenty of benefit including:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Better body awareness
  • Possible decreased stress levels
  • Increased strength

Yoga will benefit many and is a practice that is worth experiencing. 

Yoga was developed very long ago as a multi-dimensional method of self-realization. There are many different kinds of yoga that have a variety of benefits for the individual and many ways to approach a yoga practice. It can mean physical strength for some, for others it is more spiritual and deeply meaningful. 

One of the reasons people do yoga is the opportunity to practice being calm or relaxed in the middle of discomfort. This can translate into being able to use the relaxation techniques and relax even under stressful conditions. For example, if the neighbors are noisy, use the relaxation techniques to tune out and drift off to sleep. Basically, staying focused and mentally strong during difficult poses develops more than the body. It develops a confidence and inner calm that can carry over into other areas of life. 

Today, there are too many things that stimulate us and make us feel like we need to constantly be striving. Yoga and the relaxation techniques involved can be a welcome relief.


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