What is sexual monogamy?


When you have only one sexual partner, that is sexual monomgomy ('mono' means one). Back in the day, sexual monogamy was a must because estates were passed down to heirs and it was important to know that those children were legitimate - and there was no highly effective birth control. Times have changed in many, but not all, places. Divorce happens to at least half of marriages and usually at a time when there is a lot of life left to live. Remarriage is a strong possibility. Or your spouse may die leaving you to re-establish another path in life. Does monogomy go out the window at that point? Good question! 

So monogomy means one partner but potentially today's reality needs to include a time factor. That's where the concept of serial monogomy comes in. That is, you may have more than one sexual partner over your lifetime, but you never have more than one partner at a time.  It would appear that society, at least here in North America has accepted the existance and propriety of serial monogomy as a reality of our modern world.

Sexual monogamy is when a couple remains faithful to one another. They do not engage with outside sex partners. The sexual interaction is exclusive within the partnership.

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