What information should I take on a trip?

Compile a list of the important information you need to take on your trip: Numbers on important documents (driver's license, passport, etc.); phone numbers for family, airlines, credit card companies and the American Embassy; and your travel itinerary.

Print the information in a small font size, laminate it and clip it in your wallet. For added security, leave a copy in a file at home and with the person watching your home.

Make a list of emergency contact and medical information. Include the names of the medications you're taking, the dosage, time of day you take the drug, what it is for and how long you have been taking it. (Don't forget to include any allergies you have to medications, preservatives, etc.) Also list the names and telephone numbers of family members or close friends who should be contacted in case of emergency as well as your doctors, therapists, counselors, hospitals and clinics. Print the information in a small font size, laminate it and keep with your passport or driver's license in your wallet or purse. If you are traveling to a foreign country, check with a local university language department about having this information translated into the language of your destination country. Give a copy to your spouse or traveling companion in case yours is lost or stolen.
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