The Top 25 Healthiest States in the Nation

The Top 25 Healthiest States in the Nation

Does your home state boast a high well-being score?

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Where does your state land? Released as part of the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index, the 2017 State Well-Being Rankings identifies the healthiest states in the nation according to five key areas: sense of purpose and community, and social, financial and physical well-being.

While compiling the results, Gallup-Sharecare discovered a notable decline in overall US well-being from 2016 to 2017, with 21 states seeing drops in their well-being scores. However, certain things continue to improve, like smoking rates and exercise frequency. More Americans report they’re “thriving,” as well, and 67.1 percent have seen a dentist over the last year—an important habit linked to well-being.

So, did your home state break into the top 25 in the nation? Read on to find out.

25: Alaska

2 / 27 25: Alaska

Since the 2016 Index, Alaska has dropped a whopping 23 spots. Lower scores across all factors of well-being rank it as the 25th healthiest state in the nation.

Well-Being Score: 61.6
Purpose Rank: 45
Social Rank: 28
Financial Rank: 5
Community Rank: 36
Physical Rank: 20

24: Maine

3 / 27 24: Maine

Boasting beautiful coastlines, beaches and national forests, the Pine Tree State is a nature lover’s dream—residents can’t get enough of their picturesque surroundings. It places high for community, but ranked lower than the 2016 Index due to drops in physical and financial well-being, as well as sense of purpose.

Well-Being Score: 61.6
Purpose Rank: 43
Social Rank: 27
Financial Rank: 39
Community Rank: 9
Physical Rank: 26

23: New York

4 / 27 23: New York

You may think of New York City's skyscrapers, nightlife and countless tourist attractions when you think of New York, but the Empire State also boasts high physical and social well-being. In terms of purpose and community, however, the state ranks near the middle of the Index.

Well-Being Score: 61.7
Purpose Rank: 29
Social Rank: 18
Financial Rank: 26
Community Rank: 29
Physical Rank: 10

22: Washington

5 / 27 22: Washington

The breathtaking forests and mountain ranges of the Pacific Northwest may contribute to Washington’s higher physical health ranking. Where doesn’t Washington rank? Sense of purpose and social connections.

Well-Being Score: 61.7
Purpose Rank: 41
Social Rank: 30
Financial Rank: 21
Community Rank: 24
Physical Rank: 16

21: Iowa

6 / 27 21: Iowa

Iowa is a study in contrasts. It’s sixth in the rankings for finances, and with its cornfields and rolling plains, residents show a strong affinity for their community. But with a population of only three million, things can get a bit lonely in this farming state: It ranks 46th for supportive relationships.

Well-Being Score: 61.7
Purpose Rank: 35
Social Rank: 46
Financial Rank: 6
Community Rank: 12
Physical Rank: 38

20: Connecticut

7 / 27 20: Connecticut

There may be a reason so many insurance companies call the Constitution State home: Connecticut ranks number five in physical well-being. It ranks lower in the Index for sense of purpose and community, however.

Well-Being Score: 61.7
Purpose Rank: 33
Social Rank: 14
Financial Rank: 8
Community Rank: 43
Physical Rank: 5

19: North Carolina

8 / 27 19: North Carolina

You may know North Carolina for its gorgeous coastlines, but it's also a good place to discover your sense of purpose and develop meaningful social relationships. Don't plan on making the big bucks, though—the state ranks near the bottom of the Index for financial well-being.

Well-Being Score: 61.8
Purpose Rank: 7
Social Rank: 6
Financial Rank: 35
Community Rank: 19
Physical Rank: 35

18: Virginia

9 / 27 18: Virginia

Want to learn more about American history? Go to Virginia. Want financial health, physical health and strong social ties? You can find that in Virginia, too!

Well-Being Score: 61.9
Purpose Rank: 20
Social Rank: 19
Financial Rank: 15
Community Rank: 30
Physical Rank: 15

17: Nebraska

10 / 27 17: Nebraska

If you want to discover a great sense of community and financial prosperity, head for the Great Plains—Nebraska placed 11th and 14th, respectively. But if you love to socialize, you may be disappointed; the state ranked in the bottom half of the Index for social well-being.

Well-Being Score: 62.1
Purpose Rank: 21
Social Rank: 40
Financial Rank: 14
Community Rank: 11
Physical Rank: 23

16: Wyoming

11 / 27 16: Wyoming

The majestic beauty of this Western state is a draw for tourists—and those who live here are clearly happy to have put down stakes, reflected in Wyoming’s high ranking for community. Residents also score high for a sense of purpose. But with a social rank of only 38, the long, cold winters may encourage hibernation more than developing relationships.

Well-Being Score: 62.1
Purpose Rank: 17
Social Rank: 38
Financial Rank: 23
Community Rank: 10
Physical Rank: 28

15: Arizona

12 / 27 15: Arizona

Boasting Sedona’s renowned red rocks and beautiful desert landscapes, this Southwest state has a lot of options for hikers, bikers and more! Arizona ranks number 18 in physical well-being and number six for sense of purpose.

Well-Being Score: 62.2
Purpose Rank: 6
Social Rank: 5
Financial Rank: 34
Community Rank: 23
Physical Rank: 18

14: California

13 / 27 14: California

Surf’s up! When you think of the Golden State you probably think of chiseled bodies on Muscle Beach and equally beautiful celebs—and for good reason! California ranks number three in physical well-being.

Well-Being Score: 62.3
Purpose Rank: 13
Social Rank: 12
Financial Rank: 28
Community Rank: 27
Physical Rank: 3

13: Texas

14 / 27 13: Texas

Looking for a little motivation? Texans aren't. They have all they need, which is why the Lone Star State is ranked second in terms of purpose. It could use a little help in the financial category, but thanks to citizens' enthusiasm and drive, it's just a matter of time.

Well-Being Score: 62.3
Purpose Rank: 2
Social Rank: 11
Financial Rank: 32
Community Rank: 18
Physical Rank: 22

12: Florida

15 / 27 12: Florida

You may know the Sunshine State for its beautiful beaches and warm weather, but it’s a great place to make friends and discover your life’s ambition, too; it ranks first and fourth in the social and purpose categories, respectively. Where didn’t Florida fare? It’s low in the Index for financial well-being, at number 31.

Well-Being Score: 62.4
Purpose Rank: 4
Social Rank: 1
Financial Rank: 31
Community Rank: 17
Physical Rank: 14

11: Massachusetts

16 / 27 11: Massachusetts

Top scores in physical activities, social supports and finances push history-rich Massachusetts close to the top 10. And while the state is home to some of the country’s top colleges and universities, its purpose ranking suggests less satisfaction with work and everyday living.

Well-Being Score: 62.5
Purpose Rank: 47
Social Rank: 8
Financial Rank: 9
Community Rank: 13
Physical Rank: 4

10: Montana

17 / 27 10: Montana

Montana isn't just big in sky; the Treasure State placed high for community, financial and physical well-being. Despite lower placements for purpose and social well-being—22nd and 33rd, respectively—it still broke into the top 10 healthiest states in the nation.

Well-Being Score: 62.6
Purpose Rank: 22
Social Rank: 33
Financial Rank: 18
Community Rank: 6
Physical Rank: 13

9: Utah

18 / 27 9: Utah

Utah took a massive leap in the purpose, social, financial and community areas of well-being, propelling it from 17th place overall in 2016 to 9th place today. With a better physical score, it could rank even higher next year.

Well-Being Score: 62.8
Purpose Rank: 12
Social Rank: 9
Financial Rank: 7
Community Rank: 5
Physical Rank: 24

8: Idaho

19 / 27 8: Idaho

There must be something in those potatoes: Idaho ranks second in community well-being, and places eighth on the Index overall. But if you're looking to nurture your relationships, you may want to consider elsewhere; the Gem State dips to 45th in that category.

Well-Being Score: 62.8
Purpose Rank: 19
Social Rank: 45
Financial Rank: 17
Community Rank: 2
Physical Rank: 17

7: New Hampshire

20 / 27 7: New Hampshire

The ninth-least populous state in the US, New Hampshire can claim some pretty tight-knit communities and a strong sense of social well-being. That’s not all, though: the state’s purpose, financial and physical well-being all rose significantly from 2016, helping it make the overall jump from 22nd place to the top 10.

Well-Being Score: 62.8
Purpose Rank: 16
Social Rank: 4
Financial Rank: 11
Community Rank: 8
Physical Rank: 6

6: Colorado

21 / 27 6: Colorado

Home to countless hiking trails and some of the best ski slopes in the nation, it’s no wonder Colorado snags the second spot in the physical well-being category. But the state ranks well in all other markers of health, too, securing slots in the third quintile or better.

Well-Being Score: 62.9
Purpose Rank: 25
Social Rank: 24
Financial Rank: 13
Community Rank: 14
Physical Rank: 2

5: North Dakota

22 / 27 5: North Dakota

North Dakota places at the top spot for financial well-being, and ranks highly for sense of community, social relationships and purpose. Where didn't the Midwestern state fare so well? It ranks lower in the physical well-being category.

Well-Being Score: 63.1
Purpose Rank: 5
Social Rank: 7
Financial Rank: 1
Community Rank: 16
Physical Rank: 29

4: Minnesota

23 / 27 4: Minnesota

It’s the birthplace of Judy Garland, Charles M. Schulz and Prince, homebase for Fortune 500 companies like Target and 3M and can boast the renowned Mayo Clinic—but that’s just part of why Minnesota is a great place to live. Some other reasons: its high financial, community and physical rankings, which solidify its top-five position on the Index.

Well-Being Score: 63.1
Purpose Rank: 23
Social Rank:15
Financial Rank: 3
Community Rank: 7
Physical Rank: 8

3: Hawaii

24 / 27 3: Hawaii

When you think of Hawaii, you probably think of paradise—and for good reason! One of the healthiest states in the nation, it ranks third for both purpose and social well-being, and places in the top ten for every other category. Mahalo!

Well-Being Score: 63.4
Purpose Rank: 3
Social Rank: 3
Financial Rank: 10
Community Rank: 4
Physical Rank: 9

2: Vermont

25 / 27 2: Vermont

If you've ever visited Vermont in the fall, you know why it's the top-ranked state on our list for physical health; those colors inspire a lot of people to get outside and exercise. But the home of Bernie Sanders and America's maple syrup supply is so much more: it's also a great place for tight communities, as well as financial and social opportunities, three big reasons it comes in at number two on the Index.

Well-Being Score: 64.1
Purpose Rank: 30
Social Rank: 2
Financial Rank: 4
Community Rank: 1
Physical Rank: 1

1: South Dakota

26 / 27 1: South Dakota

With well-being scores that consistently land it in the Index's top 10, but a population under 900,000, South Dakota just might be America's hidden gem. The state places high for purpose, financial and community measures, and performs better than most in terms of physical health. (Shhh ... just don't tell anyone.)

Well-Being Score: 64.1
Purpose Rank: 1
Social Rank: 29
Financial Rank: 2
Community Rank: 3
Physical Rank: 7

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