As a Sharecare Transformer, how do get past a weight-loss plateau?


Ah the dreaded weight loss plateaus. The first thing is I realize that it’s normal! Your body needs some time to reset! But there things I do to speed up the time I am at the plateau.

  1. I CONSTANTLY switch up my workouts. I may add more HIIT workouts or completely revamp my cardio for a while. I love running and the treadmill so I may do some additional elliptical days or bike. However, my standard workouts are alternating my cardio so I am not doing the same thing everyday. For strength training I generally work particular muscle groups but every few weeks I switch it up and add Supersets or I may go up in weight and do LESS reps at a heavier weight. Your body tends to get used to what it does on a normal basis so its important to switch things up for muscle confusion.
  2. I switch up my diet. I find that I fall into eating a lot of the same things and that’s not the best route to go when losing weight. So I will try new foods and new recipes and briefly increase my protein while decreasing my carbs for a few days to stimulate the metabolism.

Plateau's are a hard pattern to break. That is why I think it is really important to continually change your workouts and your meal plans. If you're always eating the same thing or doing the same workout your body gets used to it and learns how to process it more efficiently, thus not burning as many calories.

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