What prenatal care do I need during week 25 of pregnancy?


The routine of weight, blood pressure, fetal heart rate and a urine sample continues. Prenatal care focuses on any new physical symptoms as well as any anxiety or emotional changes being experienced by the pregnant woman. The healthcare provider will ask about fetal movement and may ask the woman to begin performing fetal movement counts. The provider will teach the woman about signs of preterm labor and pre-eclampsia as well as begin conversations about the labor and delivery experience. Between 24 and 28 weeks most women are screen for gestational diabetes, so that may be part of the prenatal visit as well.

Between weeks 24 and 28 many women get the glucose screening test or the glucose challenge test (GCT). Designed to identify gestational diabetes, a GCT looks for high blood sugar levels that indicate the development of this condition. Your doctor may also do a complete blood count (CBC) to check for anemia. If you have anemia, your doctor may recommend that you eat more protein or take an iron supplement. Additionally, you should take care to tone down your exercise routines as they may take a greater toll on you at this stage.

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