What prenatal care do I need during week 18 of pregnancy?


At 18 weeks that fluttering in the abdomin isn't gas, its the fetus. During this period (16-20 weeks) there are a number of screening and diagnostic test that may be performed to assess the fetus for genetic diseases. It is important to remember that the woman/couple has a choice about whether or not to undergo these procedures and each couple needs to make that choice within their personal situation. Part of this decision process needs to include the questions:

  • Is the benefit greater than the risk?
  • What will you do with the information?

Otherwise, week 18 means wearing the new maternity clothes and keeping up all the healthy behaviors and lifestyle changes started in the first trimester.

At week 18 your doctor may use an ultrasound to measure your baby's size and assess the fetal anatomy. You and your doctor will be able to see your baby's movements. Depending on your baby's position you may also learn whether it's a boy or a girl! The ultrasound is also used to help confirm your expected delivery date. If you have questions about prenatal care at this point, now is a great time to ask your doctor.

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Week 18 Of Pregnancy

Week 18 Of Pregnancy

Your baby has grown to about six inches in length and weighs between seven and eight ounces by the time you're 18 weeks pregnant. Its inner ears have developed enough to hear your heartbeat. Soon, you will be able to tell from an ...

ultrasound the sex of your baby, if positioned properly. Learn more about the changes to expect during the 18th week of pregnancy with expert advice from Sharecare.

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