What prenatal care do I need during week 10 of pregnancy?


At 10 weeks, pregnancy-related hormones are having a powerful impact on the woman. These hormones can cause the nausea of morning sickness, fatigue and emotional highs and lows.  Rest, exercise, lots of water, and a good diet can help battle the highs and lows caused by these raging hormones.  Prenatal care is focused on coping with the discomforts of early pregnancy and continuine to monitor for signs of a miscarriage.

By week 10, prenatal care usually involves simply maintaining your healthy habits you've been following throughout pregnancy. Even though your baby is less susceptible to developmental problems now, you should still make nutrition and exercise a priority. Folic acid, iron, calcium, and vitamin C continue to be very important for your baby's development as its organs are quickly developing, so make sure you're getting the right nutrients through your food and vitamin supplements. You should also continue to get moderate exercise as much as possible, even though you may be feeling heavier and more sluggish by now. If you have any questions about prenatal care in week 10, talk with your doctor.

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