Where are good places to walk with my family?

Much of this will depend on your neighborhood in which you live. If you feel secure in your neighborhood then take everyone out and walk there. Everywhere you go can be an adventure so make it your own! Other great areas may include finding local trails that you can walk. These can be paved trails or nature trails. If paved then play some games along the way. If nature trails then enjoy all that nature has to offer so take a few nature books so you and your family can learn some cool stuff along the way!
Joy Larison
I'm so glad you are wanting to get your family involved in walking! It is an activity that can be done by all ages, and what a great way to spend quality time together.

You didn't mention where you live, but most places have parks that are great to explore, and many cities have paved walking paths. They're great even when it's wet outside-no mud! Our metro parks are lighted, and have both paved and natural trails clearly marked. Call your city help line to find one near you.

Another easy option is right out your front door! Start in any direction, go for a  distance, and head back home. Whether you go a block or only to the end of the street just keep moving. Enjoy the fresh air and time with the family as you get well together. Keep me posted on how it goes!
Taking a walk with your family is a wonderful way of connecting and spending time together while making sure that you all get some regular exercise! Depending on where you live, one of the best places to walk with your family is at a community or state park. Many of these areas are both picturesque and well maintained, and many parks have facilities with bathrooms and dedicated walking trails that offer exercise stations with a variety of exercises spaced out along the walking paths. If the weather is inclement, or you live in an urban area with few parks to walk in, you can also walk at a community family fitness center that would offer such programs.

Another suggestion is to walk early in the morning at your local shopping mall... Most larger malls have a security staff to help keep you safe and they open much earlier than their chain stores in order to allow people to walk through, before they get crowded during regular business hours. You can also check to see if there is a track at a local school or college that would allow you to walk with your family when classes are out.

Either way, walking together is a great way of motivating each other to pursue a lifetime of physical fitness. By challenging each other to walk further, more briskly, or perhaps take a more challenging walking path or hike in the fresh air, you can all increase your fitness level while reinforcing the unique bond that makes the family unit a special one!   

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