What is a safe outdoor program for seniors?


Going outdoors with a group of seniors and taking them for walks can be a great form of exercise and a great way for them to get out and be active. Other thoughts might include taking them for a walk on a nature trail. Many trails might have guided tours. This may help keep them intrigued and learn something along the way. Options will truly be endless but try and find a program that will be suitable for all.

In addition to the other activities mentioned, swimming is great exercise. It is very gentle on the joints for those with joint issues. In general, though, I believe that the activities you choose shouldn't be based on a number such as age, but rather on your health and level of conditioning. I have met people in their 80s that were participating in challenging outdoor activities. On the other hand, there are people in their 40s that are extremely deconditioned and need to limit their activities to very basic exercises. I would recommend checking with your physician. Tell them you would like to start an outdoor exercise program, and ask for suggestions. You can also bring a list of activities you might like to try (such as some of the ones we've suggested), and show your physician and ask him or her if they are good activities for you to try. Good luck with your new program.

It is dependent on what is available in your area. Golf can be an excellent program and even better if you don't use a golf cart. Walking in local parks that provide some shade or areas to sit for a few seconds. Walking along the coast, or on a board walk somewhere. Take some simple percautions to ensure it's not to hot, carry some extra water and if in the sun dress with long sleeve, light weight shirts. Cycling, whether cross country or road is an excellent, low impact, fun exercise.

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