What are walking logs and calendars?


Walking logs and walking calendars are going to be helpful in leading you to success.  Walking logs will allow you to log the amount of time you have walked for, the distance, and the steps, if you have a pedometer.  A walking calendar will help you set a goal and potentially help you achieve that goal.  A calendar allows you to write out days you need to/want to walk and for the length you plan to walk. 

To make a walking log, simply grab a piece of paper, pad of paper, spread sheet, calendar or anything you would like to track your steps on.  You can download logs and calendars from the internet or use something simple and easy like your daily calendar. This way you can see your miles adding up on a daily basis and you know exactly what day you did what.  It might even be fun for the whole family to create a log or calendar together and keep track of your steps as a group.  You might even try a friendly family challenge to see who can log the most steps in a week.  Have fun with it and be proud of the progress you are making.

Just like with any part of your weight loss journey, journalling is everything.  Walking logs and calendars allow you to track your time and distances (sometimes even mileage on a pair of shoes) so that way you can track the improvements in your cardio fitness.  There are logs you can buy, and there are free logs available online, such as at runnersworld.com.

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