Is it safe for seniors to walk alone?


Much will depend on the fitness level of the individual. If you are afraid that they may trip and fall then it might not be the best suggestion. Some seniors on the other hand are very independent and although classified as a senior may be more active than some adults. Again, much will depend on their fitness level. And making sure they walk during daylight will be to their advantage so try to avoid allowing them to walk in the evening hours.

I think there are many things that should be taken into consideration when answering this question. The first is the condition of the senior. If I use my own father as an example it is very difficult for him to walk and especially difficult to walk far. If the senior can walk without limitations then look at the environment. Is the location safe whether crime related or even uneven surfaces or traffic. The last item I would consider addressing is weather. Seniors might have a problem regulating their body temperature, please keep this in mind. Encourage them to walk at a time of day in which temperature will not be a concern.

After you remove or address the concerns above then it is safe for a senior to walk alone. We don't give our seniors enough credit most times. They are extremely capable and should be encouraged to walk daily. While this quote "the slower you move the sooner you die" from an unknown author might sound harsh it makes perfect sense. Assist seniors to find a good comfortable place they could walk daily. 


There is risk involved whenever anyone walks alone.  Risk increases when senior citizens walk by themselves especially if they choose to walk at dusk or at night.  The elderly may become victims of assault or robbery.  If walking alone, be sure to be aware of your surroundings and walk in a well lit or populated area.  Walk with an air of confidence and always trust your instincts.  Never wear flashy jewelry when walking.  Falling with no partner available for assistance is another concern for seniors.  When walking, be sure to be well hydrated, carry a cell phone and try to walk in a busy area in case help is needed.  Always let a friend or family member know that you have gone for a walk, the route you will be taking and what time you expect to return.

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