Take a Morning Walk for Better Sleep and Health

First thing every morning, do this (well, do it after you brush your teeth and kiss your partner): Lace on your sneaks and go for a walk. Why? Early morning walkers are much more likely to:

  1. Stick with their routine
  2. Sleep better (and get more deep sleep)
  3. Boost their immune system and catch fewer colds

What a triple play! Morning movers stick with their routines better, mainly because their day hasn’t gotten in the way yet. Do it first thing and you're done before you're too busy to do it (75% of morning exercisers are still at it a year later)versus just 25% of late-day folks.

Plus, your body likes morning aerobics. Your core is cooler then, which makes cardio activities feel easier. Just be sure you start with 5 minutes of slower walking to warm up your muscles before hitting your stride. (Need more inspiration? Walking guru Leslie Sansone explains how walking can lead to huge losses in weight as well as huge gains in health.)

About sleeping better: All exercise helps you sleep as long as it's 3 hours before bedtime, but brain scans (no arguing with those!) show that fitting in fitness around 7 a.m. helps you spend 75% more time in deep sleep than later-day workouts do -- and you cycle through the stages of sleep more often. Hitting all four sleep stages several times keeps your energy high, your mind sharp, and your body looking good. (Don't fall for these three sleep myths.)

Meet your new BFF: your morning walk.