How does Aquasol A work?

Aquasol A is a brand name product containing the active ingredient vitamin A. In the retina of your eye, cells called rods and cones change light energy into electrical impulses. The electrical impulses travel in nerves to your brain. The brain interprets this information in the sense we call vision. To change light to electrical impulses, the rod and cone cells use a pigment called rhodopsin. Rhodopsin is made of retinol, a form of vitamin A, and a protein called opsin. If you don't have enough vitamin A in your body, you cannot make retinol or rhodopsin. If you do not have rhodopsin, you cannot see well, especially in the dark. This lack of night vision, also called night blindness, is a symptom of vitamin A deficiency. Aquasol A is an injectable form of vitamin A. Aquasol A can correct your vitamin A deficiency and help restore normal vision.

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