Can a sore throat be prevented?

Dr. Jeanne Morrison, PhD
Family Practitioner

In order to prevent a sore throat, you need to prevent the cause of it. Since sore throats are usually due to contagious viruses, it is best to wash your hands often, especially after being in crowded areas or around small children. For sore throats caused by air quality and allergies, you should avoid smoking or being in a smoke-filled room, keep your air at home humidified, and take allergy medication if other allergy symptoms arise.

There are several things that you can do to prevent getting a sore throat. Be sure to keep yourself well hydrated by drinking eight to 12 glasses of fluid every day. Wash your hands often (especially if you are in contact with children). Do not smoke, and avoid being around people who do smoke. Avoid other throat irritants such as noxious fumes, yelling and screaming. Stay away from people who have strep throat or mononucleosis. Using a mist vaporizer may stop the onset of a sore throat due to dry air or mouth breathing.

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