How does Raynaud's change my lifestyle?


Primary Raynaud's (Raynaud's disease) and secondary Raynaud's (Raynaud's phenomenon) are conditions that may be lifelong. However, you can take steps to help control Raynaud's. Lifestyle changes and ongoing care can help you manage the disorder.

Most people who have primary Raynaud's can manage the condition with lifestyle changes. People who have secondary Raynaud's may need medicines in addition to lifestyle changes. Rarely, they may need surgery or shots.

Lifestyle Changes

You can take steps to avoid things that trigger Raynaud's attacks. If you have Raynaud's:

  • Protect yourself from cold temperatures
  • Try to avoid emotional stress and learn ways to cope with stress that you can't avoid
  • Avoid certain medicines, substances, and activities that can trigger Raynaud's attacks
  • Include physical activity as part of your healthy lifestyle and limit your use of caffeine and alcohol. If you smoke, quit

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