How many reps should I do per set to increase my power?


Power training combines a traditional strength exercise with an appropriate weight for 1-5 reps immediately followed by a power exercise of 8-10 repetitions. For example, you may be required to perform a bench press (1-5 reps) immediately followed by a medicine ball chest pass (8-10 reps) or a set of barbell squats (1-5 reps) followed by a set of prisoner squats (8-10). The exact amount of weight and reps you do will depend on your resistance training program AND your present state of strength and fitness so please make sure you have progressed through the other phases of resistance training before starting a power training program. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Good Luck!


It really depends on one's physical capabilities, the loads you are using and your goals that will dictate how many repetitions you should do to increase power. In general, repetitions between 1 to 10 per set can help increase power. If you're quickly moving lighter loads in your power exercise, then higher repetitions closer to 8-10 would be appropriate. If moving heavier loads (such as that seen in Olympic lifting), then lower repetitions (1-5) would be more appropriate.

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