How can I do interval training that combines cardio and weights?

To do interval training that combines cardio and weights, try this interval workout two or three days a week.

Cardio interval:

Spend five minutes on a stationary bike at a moderate pace. Next, walk on a treadmill for five minutes at a moderate pace. Increase the pace for a two-minute medium jog, then do a 30- to 45-second hard run. Take it back down to a one- or two-minute moderate walk, then do a 30-second jog before finishing with a two-minute light walk.

Weight interval:

After a five-minute rest, begin the weight circuit below. Do a warm-up of each exercise, then perform one major set. After each set, stretch the muscle worked for eight seconds, then rest only one minute before moving on to the next exercise.

Continue until you finish all exercises.
  • Chest: machine chest press
  • Shoulders: side lateral raise
  • Triceps: cable pushdown
  • Back: lat machine pulldown
  • Biceps: preacher curl machine
  • Hamstrings: lying leg curl
  • Quads: leg extension
  • Calves: seated press
  • Abs: decline crunch
  • Lower back: hyperextension

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