Can I exercise after surgery?

Exercise after surgery is only recommended with a physicians release. You may want to see a physical therapist first depending upon what type of surgery you had. Even then you will want to take it easy and do some very basic type exercises to get your body reconditioned.
Depending on the type of surgery, exercise "may" hinder your recovery time. It is recommended to consult with your doctor prior to starting any fitness program; the same holds true post-surgery. Your doctor will know what exercise(s) you can and cannot perform, how often you can exercise and at what intensity. For some types of surgery recoveries you might even need to undergo a physical therapy to help strengthen and mobilize the area where surgery was performed. Some examples of those types of surgeries are knees, hips, and the shoulder/rotator cuffs.

Exercising after surgery ultimately depends on your doctor and what type of surgery you have undergone.  Some surgeries require you to get up right away and start walking and others require total rest.  Always check with your physician about exercising to make sure there is no contraindication to the surgical procedure.  One tip that I have found helpful is writing down your questions including exercising before you pre-op visit.  This way when your physician asks you if you have any questions you can look at you list and specifically clarify your what your are able to do post surgery.  Most people including myself have walked out of the doctor’s office and remembered a question and at that time you feel that it is too late.  Ask early and ask often!

For the most part, yes, but it depends on the surgery and how long after the sugery you begin your exercise program. For some surgeries, such as some knee surgeries, light activity and exercise is often encouraged soon after surgery to quickly re-establish range of motion and strength. The movement will also allow fresh blood to circulate throughout the region and aid in the healing process. However, other forms of sugery may require that one abstains from exercise for a period of time and then eventually slowly progress into an exercise program. No matter the surgery, it is very important to clear exercise with the overseeing physician first before starting.

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