What is a tooth extraction for gum disease?

Gum disease(periodontal disease) can lead to the loss of teeth. Untreated periodontal disease causes the destruction of bone around the teeth. When enough bone is lost, the tooth becomes loose. The gum around the tooth may also become infected. When the periodontal disease has progressed to this point, the recommended treatment is a tooth extraction. 

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How can I decrease bleeding after a tooth extraction?
Jerry P. Gordon, DMDJerry P. Gordon, DMD
Keep direct pressure on the area by biting firmly on dental gauze and change the gauze every 20 minu...
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How can I avoid complications of tooth removal and extraction?
You can try to avoid some of the complications of tooth removal and extraction, but unfortunately, s...
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What is the process for a simple extraction?
Dr. Supriya VermaDr. Supriya Verma
In a simple tooth extraction the area is anesthetized and then the tooth is loosened. It can be loos...
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What can I eat after a tooth extraction?
American Dental AssociationAmerican Dental Association
After the extraction, drink lots of liquids and eat soft, nutritious foods. Avoid hot liquids an...
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