What is dentin?

A tooth is composed of four dental tissues: enamel, dentin and cementum, which are hard or calcified, and pulp, which is soft or noncalcified. The visible part of the tooth is called the crown. It is made of enamel, an extremely hard, non-living substance. Dentin is thet part of the tooth that is beneath enamel and cementum.

The dentin is the hard tissue that makes up the core of each tooth. It's the part of a tooth that lies underneath the enamel, which covers the outside of teeth, and the cementum, which covers the roots. The dentin is yellowish and contains tiny openings that lead to the nerves and cells inside the tooth. If the  enamel on a tooth gets worn away and the dentin is exposed, the tooth can look yellow and hot or cold foods can stimulate the tooth's nerves, causing tooth sensitivity.

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