What are canine teeth used for?

Canines, also called eyeteeth or cuspids, are teeth used for ripping and tearing at foods that might be tough, such as meat. You have a total of four of them, located next to your four top front teeth and your four bottom teeth. Canines, which come to a single sharp point, are the longest and most stable teeth in your mouth.
Jonathan B. Levine, DMD
Also called the cuspids, and also called the eyeteeth, canine teeth are next to the premolars. Each of the quadrants has one canine. Though they may be smaller than animal canines, they are nevertheless the strongest and most stable of all of our teeth. Canines are critical because they help separate the back teeth from excessive amounts of force when you're chewing. They're often referred to as the transition teeth since they create the bifurcation between the front teeth and the back teeth. Their positioning is also critical in making sure that a bite works smoothly and efficiently (in dental verbiage, your bite is called your occlusion). In spite of their power and strength, canines commonly suffer from gum recession because of their prominence in the gum's arch.
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