What happens after a Wada test?

The following occurs after a Wada test -- a routine procedure for patients who are being evaluated for certain types of brain surgery:
  • When the procedure is completed, the catheter in your groin will be removed. Pressure will be applied to your groin, where the catheter was removed, to stop any bleeding. A dressing will then be applied, which you will remove the following day.
  • You will lay flat in bed with your affected leg straight for about four to six hours. This allows the small hole in the artery (where the groin catheter was inserted) to seal.
  • At the end of the four to six hours, you will be allowed to get out of bed to a chair. When you feel well enough, you may go home.
  • You will be encouraged to drink plenty of fluids to flush out the dye (approximately 2 liters in 24 hours). You may resume your regular diet. You may continue to take your regular medicine.

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