Is spine surgery safe?

Dr. Arya Nick Shamie, MD

Spine surgery has become a very safe and controlled procedure that can get people back to their life, although people are often fearful of having spine surgery because they have seen someone who had spine surgery and was debilitated. They may be suffering with pain for years, not wanting to come to see a spine surgeon because of that fear. Bad news travels faster than good news. Spine surgery is now a very safe procedure.

Dr. Don Y. Park, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

Spine surgery today is safe and effective if done for the right reasons, for the right person and for the right diagnosis. This requires that the surgeon is a good doctor who's able to diagnose things very well, and is an excellent detective of diagnosis and symptoms, and understands the pathology that is at hand. Doing surgery for the right reasons helps improve outcomes. So, good surgical indications will help this.

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