Does the deep brain stimulator’s battery ever have to be replaced?

Nader Pouratian, MD
The generator needs to be replaced, and it’s variable depending on how much stimulation you require. Some people will need their generator replaced every three to four years. Other people will last five, six, maybe even seven years. What’s important is once you have deep brain stimulation, you see your team regularly to have that generator interrogated or checked and make sure that it doesn’t require replacement. We have very set guidelines in terms of when the generator should be replaced, and we can do that in a timely fashion so you don’t run out of any juice per se in your generator.

The replacement surgery is a brief outpatient surgery. It takes about 30 minutes to open the incision, take out the old generator, and put in a new generator, and we do it without general anesthesia, so just with sedation.

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