How does stridor occur in the body?

Diana Meeks
Diana Meeks on behalf of Sigma Nursing
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Stridor occurs when the upper part of the respiratory system, including the windpipe and sinuses, is blocked. In most cases, the high-pitched sound can be heard when you inhale. However, the sound and when stridor is heard can depend on where the obstruction is located.

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How do medications treat stridor?
Diana MeeksDiana Meeks
Medications can be given to you orally or by injection to address the swelling in the larynx or othe...
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How do I manage stridor on a daily basis?
Diana MeeksDiana Meeks
For children with croup-related stridor, steam treatments and cool mist vaporizers can be used daily...
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What do I need to know about caring for someone with stridor?
Diana MeeksDiana Meeks
If you care for someone with stridor, you should consult a physician to diagnose the underlying heal...
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How do other illnesses affect stridor?
Dr. Jeanne Morrison, PhDDr. Jeanne Morrison, PhD
Stridor is a symptom of other illnesses and health problems. For example, croup can cause inflammati...
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