Why it is necessary to enjoy the exercise we do?

It’s important to find enjoyment in the exercises you do because it will keep you coming back to them, and you’ll push yourself to do well while performing them. If you don’t enjoy your exercises, you’re more likely not to perform them to your maximum potential, and as a consequence, see limited results. The only limit to your enjoyment is your creativity – so be creative, and utilize exercises you enjoy.

Lisa Oz
Health Education

An important factor in keeping your body healthy is keeping it moving. You can walk, run, swim, bike, or dance. Frankly, it does not make any difference what you do as long as you really enjoy it. If it is absolute torture every time you go to the gym, your routine is going to last about two visits. You will throw away your locker key and be back on your reclining lounge chair watching QVC faster than they can sell out of Diamonique earrings.

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