Should I work out with friends?

Working out with friends can be FUN and right now if you are starting an exercise program you should have FUN! Choose someone you get along with really well and someone who is in a similar space with exercise. Working out with friends or family members does provide accountability and positive reinforcement. Social support is also a huge predictor of exercise adherence. If in general you enjoy having people around then having people around to help support your exercise (and you are supporting theirs) can be a great thing. 
Working out with friends is really a personal choice. Many people find it easier to stick with a workout program when they have to be accountable to friend, or a personal trainer, and they love the camaraderie. As NASM mentioned, it is important that you and your friends have the same goals so that you can make the most of your workouts. You will also want to make sure that you are at a similar fitness level. Your friend(s) could hold you back. If you find that you prefer weight training on your own, you might really enjoy taking an aerobics class with your friends.
Working out with friends can be beneficial because it provides accountability, a sense of support and a social outlet. All of these things lend themselves to higher exercise adherence. However, make sure your friends are aware of your fitness goals and share the same desires as you. While it's great to hit the gym floor with a friend, if your friend wants to spend time conversing, it may deter you from reaching your goals. Communicate what you want to accomplish from your workout sessions so that you both can get the most out of your exercise session.

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