When should my child stop taking naps?

Dr. Darria Long Gillespie, MD
Emergency Medicine
Every child is unique and has his own needs, but we can look at what is typical for children around this age. Most kids ages 2-3 need about one hour of naptime each day. Between age 3 and 4, though, many kids drop this nap.
But your own child’s behavior is the best guide. Is your child cranky in the afternoon? Or falling asleep at night perhaps earlier than you would want? If so, then he may need that afternoon nap. On the other hand, if he is happy during the afternoon and then falls asleep nicely at night, then you’re probably just fine!
Here’s one trick for when your child resists the nap but you think he needs a little bit of rest: Try some quiet time in the afternoon, such as sitting on his bed and reading a story. Make it your special time together. Sometimes he may fall asleep, or at least he will just get a little respite from the day.

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