Should we let our baby sleep in our bed?

It is currently not recommended to allow your baby to sleep in your bed. Infants who sleep with their parents are at increased risk of sudden infant death as well as suffocation. Every year there are cases of infant death when a parent rolls over on an infant sleeping in bed or a blanket or pillow causes suffocation. However, it is recommend that new babies sleep in the same room as their parents and this can be in a bassinet or crib. It is also important to have newborns sleep on their back with nothing else in their crib or bassinet such as toys.
Experts advise against sharing your bed with a child under age 2 because of safety concerns, primarily an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). In addition, some experts caution that sleep-sharing, or the family bed as it is sometimes called, can get a baby used to falling asleep in the wrong place and make it harder to develop independent sleep habits.

However, the trend toward sleep-sharing has grown in recent years. If you are interested in sharing your bed, be sure to talk to your partner and your healthcare provider before starting the practice. You need to follow safety guidelines wherever your baby sleeps, such as placing your baby on his or her back on a firm, flat mattress and protecting him or her from pets, other young children, intoxicated parents and anything that could cause choking or strangulation. 

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