What is sex drive?

Sex drive, or libido, is exactly what it sounds like: A person's desire to have sex. Sex drive involves physical and psychological factors, including the desire to have sex, the pleasure you get out of sex, and the thoughts you have about sex. Sex drive varies greatly from person to person, and your sex drive may change throughout your life based on biologic and emotional factors.

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Sex Drive (Libido)

Sex Drive (Libido)

Medical problems, stress and aging are just some of things that can lead to problems with sex drive, or libido. Female sexual problems are very different from male sexual problems (including penis disorders), but both men and wome...

n are influenced by hormonal changes that could affect their interest in sex. Your doctor can help diagnose low libido and work with you and your partner to determine the cause. Learn more about ways to improve sex drive with expert advice from Sharecare.

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