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What foods and nutrients will benefit my sex life?

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    Libido, or sex drive, varies with each person and is supported by the production of testosterone, both in males and females. Libido tends to naturally decreases with age. Lifestyle and diet play a role in how active a person’s libido is. Unhealthy lifestyle habits and foods consumed decrease testosterone production, depressing libido, whereas healthy habits and foods can increase testosterone production, improving libido. 


    Being overweight or obese, high amounts of stress, not getting enough sleep, taking anti-depressants, and for those with diabetes, having uncontrolled blood glucose levels all decrease testosterone production and negatively affect libido. Consuming large amounts of unhealthy items like high saturated fat foods, caffeine, and alcohol can decrease testosterone production. 


    But improving your sex life is also about improving blood flow to key organs and tissues so foods good for your heart are good for sex.


    Consuming foods high in Zinc and B Vitamins, and in general foods found in the Mediterranean Diet can aid in the production of testosterone. Omega-3 EPA/DHA fish oil and the amino acid L-arginine are good for healthy blood flow; a critical requirement of important sex organs such as the penis and clitoris in males and females, respectively.


    Below is a checklist of foods for both men and women to consume regularly to help support testosterone production, healthy blood flow and an overall healthy sex life:


    Salmon (wild not farmed), and mackerel – high in Omega-3 EPA/DHA, B vitamins, B5, B6 and B12

    Avocados – high in vitamin B6 and potassium

    Bananas – high in potassium and B vitamins, especially riboflavin

    Almonds, pine nuts and other nuts – high in zinc and essential fatty acids

    Oysters – high in zinc

    Asparagus – contain B vitamins

    Eggs – good source of B vitamins

    Brown rice, cheese, turkey – all great sources of zinc

    Almonds, granola, oatmeal, peanuts, pine nuts, cashews, walnuts, soybeans—these are high in L-arginine which studies show improve blood flow and sexual function in men.


    Exercising regularly, getting adequate sleep (7-9 hours) each night, managing stress levels, and being at a healthy body weight all help support testosterone production, and a healthy libido.


    Remember, just eating the right foods is only part of the solution--Be sure to exercise, get plenty of sleep, stress less and consume “heart healthy” foods to reinvigorate your sex life!

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    Sure, chocolate has long been considered the consummate love drug, because the ingredients have a feel-good effect. One study even shows that caffeine (which is also found in many types of chocolate) may have a positive effect on female libido. So sharing some chocolate can heat things up. But there are other things you can put in your mouth that will rev up your sex life as well.

    For men, certain foods can help strengthen the sperm. If your goal is to consummate your attraction with reproduction, then you should add these foods to your fertility arsenal: Garlic, which is nature's Viagra because it helps improve blood flow by increasing a gas called nitric oxide. You can also supplement yourself with zinc, selenium, folic acid, and vitamins C and E, which have been shown to increase sperm count. But most important is DHA Omega 3 fats - the active ingredient in fish oil that can be obtained in even more purified form from the algae they eat.

    The below sex-slanted shopping list will spice up your bedroom as well as your kitchen. There's little science proving the below benefits, but anecdotal reports keep recurring enough to probably have some validity:

    • Apples (will sweeten breath)
    • Asparagus (rich in Vitamin E, which helps hormone building)
    • Bananas (contain the bromelain, which is believed to improve male libido)
    • Cabbage (increases bloodflow)
    • Celery (contains androsterone, a hormone released by male sweat that turns women on)
    • Figs (high in amino acids to increase libido)
    • Garlic (contains allicin, an ingredient that increases blood flow to the sexual organs)
    • Nutmeg (significantly increases sexual activity in rats)
    • Oysters (high in zinc which helps produce testosterone)
    • Wild yams (may increase genital sensitivity)
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