What are good exercises for seniors?

Prior to exercise you should always try and meet with a professional.  This individual might be your primary physician or it may be a trainer at the fitness center in which you belong.  Regardless, meeting with someone will help guide you in the proper forms of exercise in which to get started with or continue doing.

As for seniors, much will depend on their fitness level.  Are you just starting or has exercise been a part of your daily life for years?  If you are just starting then basic core and balance training will be best.  This will help build a strong foundation and assist you to increase your balance and bone density.  If you have been active then stick with it!  Keep going and do what you feel you are capable of doing.  Again, meet with a professional first, they should be able to assist you.

Core strength and balance exercises are very important for everyone, especially seniors.  Pilates, yoga, and tai chi are just a few types of exercise that help strengthen the core and aide in stability.  To aide in retaining bone density and strength, weight bearing exercises such as walking as well as resistance training with light weights are also very good. 

Staying sedentary increases your risk of falling because it lowers your balance, stamina, coordination and flexibility. Low-impact cardio exercise like walking and swimming builds stamina. Exercises that require precision and concentration improve strength and balance. Many seniors enjoy yoga and especially tai chi, a martial art that uses graceful, slow movements.

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