How can joining a LIFE program improve my loved one's cognitive abilities?

Dr. Arun S. Rao, MD
Geriatric Medicine Specialist

When people join a LIFE (Living Independently for Elders) program, sometimes cognitive abilities improve without medicines or any kind of medical intervention. It's purely getting out of the house, being with other people, listening to music, doing activities that they want to do with other folks, and getting their needs attended to. Those simple interventions are not costly. Simple interventions make life better for not only that participant, but for their caregivers.

Many older adults who've had their own way of sitting in the community, have been at home, watching a certain set of TV shows, and that's that. They've been resistant to joining a LIFE program. But they change once they come to a LIFE program and start attending the LIFE center, making friends with other people who are there, and getting to know the staff and the colleagues.

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