What are the dangers of charcoal grilling?

Charcoal is often a preferred method of cooking, but as with any form of grilling, it does come with dangers. One obvious danger of charcoal grilling is the risk of fire, but what causes the fire is sometimes less predictable. For example, while cooking, oils can drip onto the charcoal and lead to flare-ups. You also have to be careful to avoid tipping of the grill, and be aware of the fact that unlike other forms of grilling, charcoal cannot be "turned off" after you're done using it. A less obvious danger associated with the use of charcoal grills is the production of carbon monoxide, an odorless gas that is deadly if inhaled, so be sure to always use charcoal grills outside in well-ventilated areas. The last issue is the use of lighter fluid, some of which can be toxic, so be sure to always use lighter fluids made for charcoal grilling.

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