What type of exercise program should sprinters and hurdlers do in the fall?

Sprinters and hurdlers do a plethora of activities in the fall (September-November) to build a training base that will last the whole season. Running is the most important aspect of the fall training and should take place six days per week. Running consists of short tempo runs (150m-300m), long tempo runs (400m-800m), distance runs on roads or trails (2-3 miles), hill runs (80m-250m), acceleration runs (30m or less), speed endurance runs (80m-300m), and running up stadium stairs. Each day of fall training should consist of one of these components. Along with the daily running workout there are strength and conditioning exercises to help make the sprinter or hurdler stronger and more dynamic. Weight training should be done two to three times per week in the fall and should be followed by a running workout that does not require the athlete to run at speeds of more than 80% of their maximal effort. Plyometrics should be done in conjuntion with what is being done in the weight room and should take place one to two times per week depending overall training focus of the week. Medicine ball exercises and multi throws should each be done on a weekly basis. Fall is a great time to do extra sprint drill work and improve flexibility by walking and skipping over hurdles. General strength body circuits and abdominal circuits are also recommended. Fall is a time to work the small muscles in the body that may get overlooked during the season due to time, travel, and training volume constraints.

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